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I Wanna Be Cool, I Wanna Have Swag

The main character is a guy named Bartholamule Cleotis. He's a nerd to the 10th power & now he wants to be socially accepted, be cool, have friends, follow his dreams of being an entertainer & finding the love of his life. After being ridiculed & embarrassed he's approached by the "Fairy Swag Mother". The Fairy Swag Mother offers him the "SWAG DIAMOND" & promises him this will give him tremendous Swag. He places the ring on his finger & says "I Think I'm Mike Lowrey" & BOOM! It Happened! He throws a party & the neighborhood is reintroduced to him for the 1st time. All the main characters are there. Trick or Treat, Ike Tyson, New Money, Kitty Kat, Umm Umm Good, Blender Tha Barber, Novocaine, & 1985

Where's the Ring?

You won't believe what happens after everyone figures out it's the ring that's giving him these powers! There are 5 episodes of gut busting laughter in this Rags to Riches, Love & Hip Hop, Comedy... Prepare your laugh boxes. we're goin in!


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